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Can Castor Oil Cause a Miscarriage?

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Can Castor Oil Cause a Miscarriage?

admin October 19, 2018

As scary as it may sound, many women do practically use castor oil to abort their babies. This implies that castor oil can definitely cause a miscarriage which taken in significant amount.

With little health education for pregnant mother, it is crucial to to understand what castor oil may do to your pregnancy. Castor oil basically acts as a strong laxative which is often used to induce labor when women approach their due date. Drinking it in huge amounts can have detrimental effects on the developing baby if taken in early pregnancy.

In some countries, castor oil is used to cause the abortion of the fetus from a woman’s body in unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. In Mexico, women eat the seeds of the castor bean in order to cause permanent sterility. Women in India eat the seeds the day following birth in order to prevent pregnancy for the next nine months.

Perhaps the worst harm that could come from castor oil is to the unborn baby. In those births where this method has been used for labor induction, there seems to be an increase in meconium staining of the amniotic fluid – which can be dangerous for the baby. Drinking castor oil in quantities that is supposed to induce labor, it can also cause strong diarrhea and vomiting in the mother. This is turn leads to dehydration that weakens the birt, and can cause overly-fierce contractions. For these reasons, one must question why a survey of American Certified Nurse-Midwives revealed that as many as 93% of them recommends or use castor oil in labor induction.

The reason is not castor oil being some kind of aborting ingredient, but the fact that it may cause dehydration and other serious health issues to either the mother or the baby which result in loss of pregnancy. For mothers seeking health education during pregnancy, it is highly recommended that pregnant mothers should avoid adding castor oil to their foods or take in castor oil in any form during pregnancy because it can:

  • Severely dehydrate you and cause big problems.
  • There is no guarantee castor oil will cause an abortion, if you are looking for one. Instead it can increase risks to baby though, which means you may end up being pregnant still, but with a very sick baby or then miscarry with complications.
  • Intake of castor oil without medical supervision or consultation means that many things can go wrong, especially if there is an issue with the baby leaving your body. If the baby or pregnancy tissue isn’t full expelled due to the laxative effect of castor oil, then you can end up with a severe infection requiring hospitalisation and possibly ongoing issues.
  • Large doses of castor oil have been used to cause sterility in some cultures. Complications with the expulsion of the baby can also lead to issues which could possibly cause sterility, or in severe cases, a hysterectomy, meaning that you’d never be able to have children.

So even if it does or does not cause miscarriage, castor oil should be avoided at all costs. Why take risks? After all, it’s only 9 months we’re asking you to wait for.

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