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Can Drinking Hot Water Cause Miscarriage?

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Can Drinking Hot Water Cause Miscarriage?

admin September 7, 2018

Look what myths and misconceptions do to us! Oh lets debunk this one.

If drinking tea or coffee, or eating your favorite steak from a sizzling hot plate doesn’t cause miscarriage, why would a wonder liquid like water do so?

Think think.

Of course, when you become pregnant you are extra careful, diligent and alert about everything you do or eat. You are cautious about your surroundings as well as your health. The baby’s health is directly related to your health so you are extra careful about anything you eat or drink. One thing that you constantly hear is the importance of drinking adequate water during pregnancy. Some people may advise you to have warm or hot water while you are pregnant whereas some will only scare you by falsely establishing a link between hot water drinking and miscarriages.

Since most mothers to be rely on experienced women, they tend to fall prey to these non-scientifically backed sayings and simply give up on what they actually should do.

Many people, especially those who either created, their ancestors or blind followers of the old wives tales say that drinking hot water causes miscarriage.

Well, certainly NOT!

People say a lot of things about what does and does not cause miscarriages, and a lot of it can be confusing. Of course being confused does not mean you should blindly follow whatever people say. Even doctors vary in their opinions about what they consider fact and what they consider myths when it comes to the causes of miscarriage. For example, one physician might tell you that stress can cause miscarriages, while another might claim this to be a myth.

It is always best to research on your own, consult an experiences OBGYN (obstetrics and gynaecology) team and take second opinions time to time.

Now, if you are worried that drinking hot water can cause a miscarriage, let me tell you that it won’t.

Just like eating better and staying stress free is crucial to a healthy pregnancy, drinking water is critically important to stay hydrated during the 9 months of maternity. And consuming warm or hot water will only add to the benefits of water consumption.

Yes, drinking hot water will hurt your tongue and might even slightly burn the inner lining of your gums but does not in any way, get to the baby. Additionally, some researchers suggest that luke warm water is the best to be taken in between meals or with medicines but very hot water slightly increases acidity in the stomach. This is again something that would make the mother uncomfortable but will in absolutely no way result in a miscarriage.  

On the contrary, according to Chinese traditional medicine, the temperature of the water should be in accordance to your body temperature. It is seen that drinking warm water is more beneficial than drinking normal water. Warm water helps you to fight fatigue, builds stamina and improves your resistance to infections.

So firstly, it is recommended that you drink warm water instead of cold water and secondly, stop relying on information that is not scientifically backed. Our ancestors may have blindly followed the myths and misconceptions but in the age of science and technology, baseless notions have no place. Today, doctors recommend mothers to stay hydrated and whether or not you are expecting, to take warm water for a healthy living.

Be wise and do not fear miscarriage from drinking hot water. However yes, don’t become an extremist, keep it warm rather than boiling and sipping it simultaneously! Haha.

Good luck with your pregnancy.


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