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Third Trimester Weight Gain – Pregnancy Tips, Questions & Information

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Third Trimester Weight Gain – Pregnancy Tips, Questions & Information

admin October 24, 2018

Most women who are pregnant gain the majority of their weight during the third trimester. However, this is not true for all women. Especially for women who are significantly overweight before getting pregnant, doctors often recommend minimal weight gain during the pregnancy, which could end up meaning no or very little weight gained during the last three months. Also, some women gain a lot of weight at the beginning of the pregnancy and then plateau, with much less weight gain later on.

Third trimester weight gain is nothing to worry about. Although many people worry that if the mom is not gaining weight, the baby won’t grow, the woman’s body will do whatever is necessary to prioritize sending calories to the baby growing inside her. What’s most important, especially during the last trimester, is that the mother-to-be is getting regular checks from her prenatal care provider to make sure the baby is growing well, her blood pressure is under control, etc. If all the other parameters of maternal and fetal wellness look good, then most doctors won’t worry too much if the mom’s weight gain is less than expected.

In general, gaining about 10-15 kgs is considered “normal”. Third trimester weight gain can be troublesome. But this is a process that goes on throughout pregnancy. In the third semester 7 kgs is the norm.  Some women put on a lot more. This is because it is more likely than not that your fetus will gain about half of its birth weight in the third semester. your body, likewise will add fluids for delivery, blood and mucous. so, prepare to see significant changes until delivery.

The weight increase consists mainly of an increase in blood volume, a tendency to retain fluids in the tissues, placenta, amniotic fluid and fetus. However, many women also put on weight by increasing fat deposits. This is partly physiological – in order to have reserves for lactation, some weight gain may, however, be caused by severe increase of caloric intake – think of the cravings some pregnant women experience.

Be it any trimester, it is expected for pregnant women to gain weight throughout pregnancy because your body has to sustain another human being, your body is preparing for delivery, and your tiny human’s growth also contributes to your weight. Third trimester weight gain should not be made a worry.

You have to sit down with your OB and determine what is a healthy weight for you. Some pregnant women need to control their weight due to blood pressure and blood sugar concerns. An elevated blood pressure or blood sugar may affect the outcome of your pregnancy—both you and your baby.

It is not advised for a pregnant woman to go on a very restrictive diet because we want to ensure that you are getting enough nutrients. Please don’t deprive yourself or your baby. Keep in mind that you need well-balanced well-portioned meals to keep the two of you healthy.

So if you are having serious questions about your third trimester weight gain, let go of the thoughts and enjoy while you await your bundle of joy.

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